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Learn from your 2nd favorite Sticker, how ChiroCandy & ChurchCandy

✅ Lands Clients

✅ Deliver Results

✅ Retain Clients

✅ Scaled to Multi 7-Figures

July 2024

"Add this ONE thing to your Facebook ads to 10X your results"

✅ Loom Walkthrough

✅ SOP Checklist

July 2023

"How I Fully Booked My Sales Calendar in One Day with Facebook Ads"

✅ Swipe & Deploy Ad Templates

✅ Ad Campaign Creation SOP

✅ Loom Walkthroughs

✅ Lead Magnet Template

✅ GHL Funnel

✅ One-on-one Coaching Call

July 2022


✅ Saas GHL Snapshot

✅ Shared Onboarding Zap

✅ Promo Code HTML

✅ Custom CSS to make a unique Dashboard

March 2022

"How We Added $40K in MRR in 1 month by Offering TikTok Ads"

✅ Same Training Videos We Made for Our Team

✅ TikTok Onboarding Snapshot

✅ TikTok Example Video Templates

✅ And More!

December 2021 Ninja Hack Winner

"2-Step Process To Get Your Clients More Leads & a Higher Show Rate"

About The Ninja Himself, Brady Sticker

Brady, Sara, and River Sticker

While attending Christ for the Nations Institute and Dallas Baptist University, Brady and his Father Billy grew one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the chiropractic profession, ChiroCandy Marketing. After graduating from CFNI and DBU, Brady and his wife Sara moved to The Woodlands, TX to help launch Vibrant Church. Brady and Sara serve as Student Pastors at Vibrant while still managing over 300 clients' Facebook™ ads campaigns at ChiroCandy.

While Brady still serves as COO at ChiroCandy, his new venture has a bigger mission. In 2021, Brady started ChurchCandy Marketing. ChurchCandy helps Pastors grow their church's in-person attendance with Facebook and Google Ads.

Follow Brady along his Ninja Hack journey, as he takes what he learned from growing a multi-7 figure agency, and scales his new agency in the church niche.